PC Upgrades

Is your PC in serious need of an upgrade?

You need a reinstallation when your system is already showing signs of fatigue and slowing down your functional capabilities. It shows with the time and the number of seconds you spend for your programs to work.

The right kind of memory upgrade is the need of the hour, especially if you want to work efficiently and effectively with your installed files. Memory Upgrades are one of Gasteiner Computers principal services. We are there for the frustratingly jammed out situation. We are there when you need upgrades for your MAC, PCs and laptop. We add memory, upgrade your existing ones and repair or upgrade your bios to a position where its works as a newly bought in high-end-tech machines.

Here are some of the upgrades we do:

  • Memory upgrade
  • CPU upgrade
  • Motherboard upgrades
  • Graphic & Sound cards
  • and many more…

Just fill us in with your computer specification and bring your computer in. What’s more, our efficient team of knowledgeable technicians can come and visit you. We guarantee a solution and experience for your in-store, home and business computers that is affordable as well as complete.

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