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It happens to the best of us. After staring at the box longingly in your car you’ve finally got home and pulled the shrinkwrap from your new game or program. You toss the novice manual to the floor and with a great amount of reverence place the disc in your computer. So far so good – the auto-install box pops up and you click the sequence of Next buttons impatiently, slightly embaressed at being forced to retrieve the manual to find the installation serial key. The progress bar progresses jerkily and waits a disproportionately long time on the final bit. You keep your cool in the knowledge it will be worth it. There… you’re done!

But something isn’t working the way it should… You read the back of the box – you don’t have enough memory to meet the minimum requirements.

If your computer has been dragging its heels a bit lately, it could be time to upgrade your memory. Memory is one of those things that you really become aware of when you don’t have enough. Here are some of the telltale signs that you need to upgrade your RAM:

  • Programs and games crash Games are jerky, sluggish and unresponsive
  • Your computer slows down when you run many programs at the same time
  • Any number of error messaging pertaining to memory and virtual memory
  • Imaging, CAD, video, modelling and sound applications take forever to import, export or apply filters – especially when you have multiple projects open at the same time

Some programs and applications use a lot of memory…

  • Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and the rest of the Creative Suite family
  • Rich graphic games such as Bioshock, Oblivion, Crysis and Call of Duty 4
  • Databases that process and exchange a lot of data
  • Video editing and post-production software Audio recording, mixing and production applications
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