Virus Removal


Have you got a computer program that’s slowly crept into your files, spreading from its targeted host through network and use of removable medium such as a CD, floppy disk, DVD, or USB drive? Sounds familiar, right? It is most likely a virus. This can mean all types of viruses such as malware, trojans, spyware, unwanted programmes etc.

On this age of network and constant knowledge transfer through various medium, we are constantly and most efficiently always exposed to threats such as computer viruses. It infects our programming software, our operating system, important files and executable programs until it’s literally unusable by us. In spite of the problem, Gasteiner Computers has solutions.

We offer to remove such unsolicited takeover by such computer viruses at a competitive cost. Our solutions are not temporary and you should believe that there is a permanent solution to protecting your personal information and regaining your important files. Although you may have anti-virus software already, some viruses need to be manually removed and regular anti-viruses cannot always provide adequate protection. If Gasteiner Computers can, so we will. O site or offsite, we work on all types, such as your Mac, your laptop or even your office PCs.

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